We hunt traffickers
who use your business to conduct their business.

Our risk intelligence platform combines global corporate and human trafficking data, organized network intelligence, and complex risk-scoring models to identify illicit actors threatening your business.

Our Mission

At Dark Watch, our mission is to eradicate human trafficking by making it impossible for traffickers to use commercial entities to conduct their illicit business.

Red Gauge Showing a 79% High Risk Score
Multiple Risk Scores in a Bar Graph

Daily Trend Averages

Accounts blocked daily across all business units

Chart of Daily Trend Averages

Threat By Type

Total incidents by threat category.

6 Gauges Showing Threats by Type

What We Do

Risk Mitigation

Risk Assessment & Audit

We assess your current infrastructure, organization and policies to help identify areas of risk and exposure.

Risk Monitoring via Secure API

Score transactional data to expose potential risky accounts and transactions.

Risk Scorecard

A quarterly scorecard allows you to see how your business practices help keep this threat at bay.

Risk Intelligence

Industry Benchmarking

See how your business scores against industry specific data.

Geo-Location Benchmarking

Understand risks to your business based on geo location of known ares of human trafficking.

Real-time Intelligence

Visualize your data with our data visualization dashboard.

Training & Support

Trust & Safety Team Training

Train your Trust and Safety team to identify the risk signals.

Employee Training

Train employees how to identify and report issues related to human trafficking.

Managed Trust & Safety Offering

Outsource your Trust and Safety Operations for the threat of human trafficking.

Talk With Us

See how Dark Watch can help you drive more efficient, effective threat and risk investigations protecting your company from harmful bad actors.